M983 (AN/PVS-18) 
The L3 M983 monocular is based upon the military nomenclature
AN/PVS-18 used by U.S. Special Forces. The M983 is one of the most versatile night vision system available, offering hand-held capability as a self-contained pocketscope, mounting as a monocular (right or left) and quick-change weapons mounting in combination with an infrared laser aimer. The M983 can also be combined with an SLR camera, CCTV or camcorder system.
Product Details:
Manufacturer: L3 EOS
Model Number: M983
Made In: USA
Technical Specifications:
Field-of-View: 40.0
Minimum Focus Distance: 25 cm
Objective Lens: 27 mm
Diopter Adjustment: +2 to -6
Eye Relief: 25 mm
Power Source: 1 AA Battery
Weight: 370 g
Special Features:
Multiple Mounting Applications
Automatic Cut-Off
Automatic Brightness Control
Submersible to 20 m (66 ft)
Single AA Battery Operation
One-Year Warranty Standard
The M983 is a trademark of L-3 EOS
Cleared by DOD/OSR for Public Release Under Ref: 09-S-0794 on February 23, 2009.