Adams Industries Sentinel

Night Vision Binoculars – Housing is Rugged and submersible• Lightweight and Robust – Lighter than PVS-15 Binoculars• Submersible to 20 meters •Single CR123 Battery 

Adams Industries Sentinel Night Vision Binoculars were developed in response to the ground forces deployment of ANVIS goggles and the resulting combat breakage of using a system designed for cock-pit use in environments it was never intended for. In essence, the SENTINEL can be described as an up-armored ANVIS system for ground use.

Adams Industries Sentinel Night Vision Binoculars are manufactured of ALUMINUM AND MACHINED DELRIN but remains lighter than a PVS-15. The SENTINEL ships with field-swappable dovetail and ball-and-plunger mounting solutions and is compatible with the AI-SAM series of ruggedized mounts. 


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